Value Chain Group

Value Chain Group provides effective improvement, execution and sustainment strategies and support to reduce costs, compress lead times, and improve responsiveness and quality.

Sherry R. Gordon

Sherry R. Gordon

Established in 2007, we are a woman-owned management consulting firm that helps customer firms work with their suppliers to improve performance and develop successful customer-supplier relationships. We help companies achieve sustainable improvements and reduce costs and risks in their operations by applying supply management practices and performance improvement strategies and methodologies as well as technology solutions to their supply chains. Continual pressure for improving cost, quality, and responsiveness within the enterprise and the supply chain means that firms are looking for solutions that produce measurable results. Companies need more than simple answers or a formulaic “tools” approach to solving complex value chain and supplier performance problems. Value Chain Group provides effective, proven improvement, execution and sustainment strategies to reduce costs, compress lead times, and improve responsiveness and quality.

Supplier Evaluation & Performance Excellence

Understanding supplier performance is vital to ensuring a well-functioning supply network. This how-to book will help you develop and implement an evaluation process to help you reduce costs, lower risk, and improve both the performance of your company and your suppliers.

Supplier Performance Management CloudDVD

In this cloudDVD, Ms. Gordon gives an overview of the key components of a good business process for evaluating suppliers and managing their performance. She outlines best practices for measuring and improving supplier performance and gives real-life company examples.

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