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Four Best Practices to Improve Supplier Performance Scorecarding" by Michael Koploy of Software Advice, based on an interview with Sherry Gordon.

"Supplier Management: Make It Strategic", a podcast with Sherry Gordon who is interviewed by Charles Dominick, President and CPO, Next Level Purchasing. Also on Next Level Purchasing, a series of four articles related to the podcast:
  1. Supplier Management: Make It Strategic 
  2. Impossible Supplier Management Metrics: Can You Get the Right Metrics Without a System?
  3. Supplier Scorecarding: Just the Beginning? What Do You Do After Scorecarding?
  4. The Complete Supplier Management Strategy: What is Your Supplier Management Strategy Missing?

"Supplier Performance Management FAQs", an article on Next Level Supply Management

"How to Build a Better Supplier Partnership," by Jill Jusko, IndustryWeek, May 18, 2011. Ms. Gordon is interviewed and featured in the article.

"Supplier Performance Management: It's More Than Scorecards," in AME Target  magazine (fourth issue of 2010 ), profiles two leading companies and their Supplier Performance Management (SPM) implementation journeys -- The Toro Company and Wolters Kluwer. The types of suppliers are quite different (direct vs. indirect), but the key success factors are the same. Both have implemented successful supplier evaluation and performance improvement processes that have provided tangible return on investment and real benefits to their stakeholders.

Understanding and Improving Supplier Performance -- Wiki paper about supplier performance management (SPM) by Sherry Gordon

Spend Matters Guest Blog Posts - Sherry Gordon is a regular contributer to Spend Matters, a source for spend management intelligence and information.

Two articles of interest: Calculating the Supplier Performance Management ROI Equation: Part One and Part Two.

Proceedings paper for the ISM 2010 Conference:
Understanding and Choosing Supply Risk Solutions: Software, Content, and Analytics by Sherry R. Gordon and Jason Busch. This paper outlines the content of our session at the conference covering topics such as: types of supply risk management solutions (spend visibility, supplier information management, supplier performance management and standalone risk management solutions), supply risk maturity model, and creating a sustainable supply risk program.

"Who's Keeping Score" by Nick Zubko, IndustryWeek, February 2009. This article is based upon an interview with Sherry Gordon.

Supplier Evaluation and Performance Excellence: A Guide to Meaningful Metrics and Successful Results by Sherry R. Gordon was published in 2008 by J. Ross Publishing. For the first time, a practical how-to guide to the business process of developing a supplier performance management and improvement process that gets real results.
"Seven Steps to Measure Supplier Performance," by Sherry Gordon, Quality Progress, August 2005

"Developing Lean Supply Chains" by Sherry Gordon.

Supplier Evaluation: Barriers, Benefits, Best Practices. 91st Annual International Supply Management Conference, May 2006
Improving Company Performance through Supply Chain Management Practices by Sherry Gordon, Lionhart Publishing, 1999


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