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6 ways to demotivate suppliers

Much has been written, including by me, about improving supplier performance. In fact, I’ve written a lot about how a customer can enable and motivate rather than discourage and even prevent performance excellence. But an area that is rarely discussed …

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3 ways to predict supplier performance

A supplier’s performance, potential and current, is typically looked at under two circumstances, the qualification and the selection process. An organization has the opportunity to avoid potentially poor-performing suppliers during the qualification and selection process. The other opportunity to view …

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Supplier performance has gone mainstream

Recently Joyce Herlihy of eVendorCheck and I gave a webinar, “Selecting the Right Suppliers”, for NIGP (Institute for Public Procurement). I asked a group of public procurement professionals in attendance whether their organizations had ever lost significant time or …

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Supply chain risk management for small and medium-size businesses

Supply chain risk management isn’t just for the big guys*. As supply risk continues to grow as a business challenge, supply risk information and awareness have been spreading. Many approaches to supply risk identification, management and mitigation have been evolving. …

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Extending payment times to suppliers: don’t bank on it

The practice of extending payment times to suppliers and using them as a funding source to fuel growth is described in today’s Wall Street Journal article, Firms Pinch Payments to Suppliers. Procter and Gamble, which till now was paying …

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Upcoming Webinar: Selecting the Right Suppliers

Want to learn more about how to select the right suppliers? Join Sherry Gordon of Value Chain Group and Joyce Herlihy of eVendorCheck on April 30th  at 1:00 PM ET for the upcoming webinar: Selecting the Right Suppliers: Barriers,

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Customer-supplier relationships: how to dance with elephants

Do you know how to dance with an elephant? The elephant can crush you, either by attacking you out of anger or by accidentally stomping on you because it likes you so much. The trick is to get an elephant …

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When your supplier is bigger than you are

What can you do when your supplier is bigger than you are? How do you get a 500-pound gorilla to cooperate with you? Can you actually use the term “manage” in relation to a big supplier company? Realistically, can you …

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Customer, heal thyself

Customer, heal thyself. This phrase attributed to Aesop and applied to physicians can also apply to the customer side of the customer-supplier relationship.

To identify hidden cost drivers and waste, customers need to apply lean and operational excellence principles and …

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Customer-supplier relationship quality can drive success

Some of the hidden cost drivers in the supply chain are relatively easy to uncover, measure and address by adopting classic lean approaches. These approaches may include value stream mapping the processes between customers and suppliers. It is important to …

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