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6 Tips for Creating Supplier Evaluation Questionnaires

Here are six tips for creating supplier evaluation questionnaires. When it comes to creating supplier evaluation questionnaires, everyone thinks they’re an expert. And with supply management software tools and internet surveys as Survey Monkey and Zoomerang readily available, it’s easy …

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Supplier performance has gone mainstream

Recently Joyce Herlihy of eVendorCheck and I gave a webinar, “Selecting the Right Suppliers”, for NIGP (Institute for Public Procurement). I asked a group of public procurement professionals in attendance whether their organizations had ever lost significant time or …

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Why do firms find supplier performance management so challenging?

Through my work I see how so many companies struggle with supplier evaluation and supplier performance management. Many are unhappy with their processes or the lack of measurable results and some are just at the starting gate. Some procurement people …

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Performance of reseller products: don't let it get buried

Sometimes you need to engage one supplier to get access to another. But then, whose performance do you measure? A question that has come up several times recently is: how do you measure the performance of the products from value-added …

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Four steps for segmenting your supply base for performance management

When setting up a supplier performance management (SPM) process, procurement and supplier managers have often asked me which suppliers they should evaluate. Should they focus primarily on the suppliers with whom they spend the most money? Should they try to …

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Supplier Evaluation and Performance Management: New video now available

Value Chain Group has just authored a streaming online video, also known as a cloudDVD, entitled: Supplier Evaluation and Performance Management. Users can purchase this cloudDVD by visiting the Value Chain Group CloudDVD Store. The store’s catalog is provided …

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5 ways small companies can manage supplier performance

Smaller companies often do not believe that they can do much about evaluating and managing supplier performance. The oft-repeated phrase is, “We can’t because we’re small.” However, I’ve found the reverse is true in many cases: We can because we’re …

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It's only a game: capitalizing on your employees' knowledge

One of the guiding principles in continuous improvement methodologies such as lean enterprise and total quality management is employee involvement: those who do the work know it best and will be able to make improvements. In other words, management is …

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SPM ROI: reaping the benefits

Over on Spend Matters, Jason Busch just wrote two articles, Calculating the Supplier Performance Management ROI Equation Part 1 and Part 2. These articles, which are based largely on my wiki paper, Improve Supplier Performance: Iasta Supplier Performance Management

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When measuring supplier performance, it's how well, not how many

Recently I was asked about how many suppliers are typically monitored and measured, on average, using a supplier performance management (SPM) system or solution and whether there is a best practice. I have never come across a best practice in …

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