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Supplier Scorecard Sustainability

A question that often comes up is: What about using Excel to create supplier scorecards? It has always amazed me how much people depend upon Excel spreadsheets, even though most have information technology (IT) systems. I remember in my days …

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3 ways to predict supplier performance

A supplier’s performance, potential and current, is typically looked at under two circumstances, the qualification and the selection process. An organization has the opportunity to avoid potentially poor-performing suppliers during the qualification and selection process. The other opportunity to view …

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Supplier performance has gone mainstream

Recently Joyce Herlihy of eVendorCheck and I gave a webinar, “Selecting the Right Suppliers”, for NIGP (Institute for Public Procurement). I asked a group of public procurement professionals in attendance whether their organizations had ever lost significant time or …

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Put your metrics on a diet

The New Year is upon us. Many people make New Year’s resolutions to diet and lose weight and to get more exercise. Perhaps it’s time to look at how you’re measuring performance and put your metrics on a diet. Whether …

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Four pillars of good supplier performance

How do you choose the right supplier? Avoid choosing the wrong supplier. Seriously, what characteristics should you be looking for? Here are the four pillars of good supplier performance:  cost, quality, responsiveness, and technology.

1. Cost: Lowest total cost, …

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Why do firms find supplier performance management so challenging?

Through my work I see how so many companies struggle with supplier evaluation and supplier performance management. Many are unhappy with their processes or the lack of measurable results and some are just at the starting gate. Some procurement people …

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Monitoring supplier performance: “I’ll be watching you”

Did you ever hear the song “I’ll Be Watching You?” sung by Sting and The Police rock group?  It can be applied to supplier performance management, too. Here are some of the lyrics:

“Every move you make
Every vow you …

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SPM: Customer Firms Need to Be the Change They Wish to See

Improving supplier performance involves change management. And change isn’t just something only suppliers have to contend with. To put a successful supplier performance management process in place, most customer companies will need to undergo many changes, probably more than they …

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6 Reasons Why Suppliers Resist Continuous Improvement

I have often emphasized that a key purpose of supplier evaluation is to drive supplier performance improvement. Although it sounds logical in theory, why is it often so hard to do in practice? Here are 6 reasons why suppliers do …

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Performance of reseller products: don't let it get buried

Sometimes you need to engage one supplier to get access to another. But then, whose performance do you measure? A question that has come up several times recently is: how do you measure the performance of the products from value-added …

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