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7 ways customers prevent good supplier performance

In an earlier post, I described what it takes to be an exceptional supplier. In that post, I said that good suppliers need good customers in order to enhance, even permit good performance. While the capabilities of supplier firms …

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Strategic not avoidance outsourcing

Outsourcing is, of course, quite a common practice these days. How many companies have not jumped into outsourcing? I was reading the classic list published by Supply Chain Digest: 40 Risks and Mistakes of Supply Chain Outsourcing and stopped at …

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Four steps for segmenting your supply base for performance management

When setting up a supplier performance management (SPM) process, procurement and supplier managers have often asked me which suppliers they should evaluate. Should they focus primarily on the suppliers with whom they spend the most money? Should they try to …

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5 "aha" moments in supplier performance management

Sometimes it pays to state the obvious. Here are some insights into managing supplier relationships and supplier performance that you may have heard. Maybe you don’t even agree. But to me, they are essential to understanding how to improve supplier …

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5 ways small companies can manage supplier performance

Smaller companies often do not believe that they can do much about evaluating and managing supplier performance. The oft-repeated phrase is, “We can’t because we’re small.” However, I’ve found the reverse is true in many cases: We can because we’re …

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Supplier performance management: new article

There’s a new article on the eSourcingwiki, Understanding and Improving Supplier Performance. The wiki paper is also available for download on this page. It’s a good overview of the benefits and process of supplier performance management. If …

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When measuring supplier performance, it's how well, not how many

Recently I was asked about how many suppliers are typically monitored and measured, on average, using a supplier performance management (SPM) system or solution and whether there is a best practice. I have never come across a best practice in …

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Download a book chapter from Supplier Evaluation and Performance Excellence

Subscribers to the Value Chain Group site may now download Chapter 1 of Supplier Evaluation and Performance Excellence: A Guide to Meaningful Metrics and Successful Results. This download includes:

  • Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • About the Author
  • Chapter One 
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Choosing good supplier performance metrics

I’ve discussed previously how supplier performance metrics work best when they are aligned with and support overall corporate goals and strategies and reasons why they can fail. But the challenge remains of how to tell whether you’ve come up …

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Take the survey: What's happening in SRM business practices?

Last year I read with great interest about the results of the Supplier Relationship Management survey done by State of Flux, a procurement and supply chain consulting firm in the UK. The headlines about the results stated that companies …

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