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5 Steps to Effective Electronics Purchasing Strategy Using Your Supplier Scorecard

Sherry Gordon, President of Value Chain Group LLC, will be presenting a webinar on June 24th at 12:00 pm ET: “5 Steps to Effective Electronics Purchasing Strategy Using your Supplier Scorecard” for members of VentureOutsource, a community …

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Supplier of choice

A couple of months ago, I spoke at the Retail Value Chain Federation (RVCF) conference, which brings together large retailers and their suppliers as well as providers of enabling technology.  The title of my presentation was: Meeting Customer Expectations: Tools

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What really is Lean Procurement?

Lean enterprise principles and practices have been widely adopted in many companies and continue to enjoy strong support. Many organizations have realized incredible gains such as faster cycle times, reduced costs, higher quality and increased customer satisfaction. The lean movement …

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6 ways to demotivate suppliers

Much has been written, including by me, about improving supplier performance. In fact, I’ve written a lot about how a customer can enable and motivate rather than discourage and even prevent performance excellence. But an area that is rarely discussed …

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3 ways to predict supplier performance

A supplier’s performance, potential and current, is typically looked at under two circumstances, the qualification and the selection process. An organization has the opportunity to avoid potentially poor-performing suppliers during the qualification and selection process. The other opportunity to view …

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Are Boeing’s Dreamliner issues the fault of outsourcing?

The Boeing Dreamliner battery issue that is still grounding its planes is being dissected from many angles, even as the root cause is still unknown and corrective action cannot be taken yet. Many have been delving into the battery issue …

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Seven signs a supplier is not effective at continuous improvement

A supplier may claim to do continuous improvement. The supplier may sincerely think they are improving, when often they are just continually fixing problems and not addressing root causes, and are just running in place (if not losing ground). Most …

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Good Supply Chain Risk Management Resource

Looking for a good Supply Chain Risk Management resource? Try the website for ISM’s Supply Chain Risk Management Group. As a board member of this group since its inception, I’ve been watching the evolution of SCRM as an area …

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6 Reasons Supplier Ideas Can Be Science Fiction

Are your suppliers’ ideas just science fiction — ain’t never going to happen? Recently I wrote about ways to get your suppliers’ best ideas. Some firms actively solicit them.  Here’s the challenge: what do you do with supplier …

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Personal supply chain management: rants and raves

This blog usually addresses supply chain management. This time, we address personal supply chain management. How have your personal suppliers performed this past year? By that I mean those companies who supply you with goods and services for your personal …

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