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Sub-tier risk can undermine supplier codes of ethics

I wrote a post earlier this week about supplier ethics as a supply chain risk and also provided links to supplier codes of ethics for several big-name corporations, such as Walmart, IBM, and HP. Are supplier codes of ethics just …

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Four ways to get your suppliers’ best ideas

Why should you listen to suppliers? They might have some good ideas for you that can save you money or generate revenue. Perhaps they have a product extension idea. Or they know how you can improve a product or service.  …

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Supplier scorecards: can you trust supplier-reported data?

Data for supplier scorecards can come from many sources: customer data, outside third-party data and from the suppliers themselves. But when the entire report card is produced by the supplier for its customers, you’d better be suspicious, especially when your …

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6 ways to derive value from suppliers

Supplier costs directly impact the bottom line. Therefore, companies have typically viewed suppliers as a source of cost that needs to be reduced or as a piggy bank to dip into to increase revenue. And it’s a given: procurement is …

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Choosing the right suppliers: check references

In the past ten years, procurement and supply management technology have transformed or at least scaled and improved the supplier qualification process. The ability to do electronic RFIs (Requests for Information), RFQs (Request for Quotes), and RFPs (Request for Proposals), …

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5 tips for selecting good suppliers

One of the best ways to prevent supplier performance problems and risks is to select good suppliers in the first place. Bringing on the wrong suppliers is very costly. Here are 5 tips for selecting good suppliers.

1. Know what

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7 ways customers prevent good supplier performance

In an earlier post, I described what it takes to be an exceptional supplier. In that post, I said that good suppliers need good customers in order to enhance, even permit good performance. While the capabilities of supplier firms …

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Seven supplier management approaches that you wouldn't use on your children

There are parallels between parenting and management. Parenting can be good preparation for being a manager. Sometimes supplier management can feel like parenting.  But some managers make the same mistakes when managing suppliers that they do when parenting their children. …

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When handling supplier price increases, consider WIIFM – Part 2

I wrote about ideas for avoiding a supplier price increases in last two posts:  9 Ways to Fight a Supplier Price Increase and Supplier price increases — get creative. Avoiding price increases isn’t purely a matter of “just say …

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The Perils of Outsourcing Space Exploration

If you didn’t think space exploration was dangerous enough, here’s something else to worry about. NASA has been looking into outsourcing parts of the space exploration program to outside suppliers, reasoning that this is the best way to speed up …

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