Good Supply Chain Risk Management Resource

Looking for a good Supply Chain Risk Management resource? Try the website for ISM’s Supply Chain Risk Management Group. As a board member of this group since its inception, I’ve been watching the evolution of SCRM as an area of increasing importance and focus. Our all-volunteer board for the SCRM group at ISM (Institute for Supply Management), composed of some of some of the best thought leaders and practitioners in this area, has taken on as part of our mission to “provide ISM Members professional education opportunities and risk management information, and support expansion of the body of risk management knowledge to enhance personal professional development and success in professional supply management activities.”  The website has recently become increasingly robust and full of good SCRM information.

Some of the SCRM information includes: articles and publications; webinars sponsored by the group; a quarterly newsletter; and information about the Risk Track at the ISM International Conference and the Annual ISM Risk Conference, devoted entirely to SCRM.

While you don’t need to be an ISM member to view the website, you do need to join ISM to become a participating member of the ISM SCRM Group in order to get more information than the website offers, notifications about webinars, conferences and other meetings of interest and participate with thought leaders who are involved in SCRM.

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