Here's a Classic: Why Supplier Scorecards Fail

I’ve spent more brain cells than I care to think about on supplier evaluation and supplier scorecards. I’ve made a number of posts about the subject on this blog, which I will list in a future post.  And I’ve been a guest blogger on the subject. As part of its Best of Spend Matters series at the end of 2009, my guest post, “12 Reasons Why Supplier Scorecards Fail” made the the cut. Be my guest and refresh your memory on this subject.

And if you want to learn more about the whole subject of supplier evaluation and haven’t yet read my book, here’s my shameless plug for it: Supplier Evaluation and Performance Excellence (J.Ross, 2008). It’s gotten good reviews from ASQ (American Society for Quality),, AME (Association for Manufacturing Excellence) and is on the ISM Business Book List as recommended reading. Also, there are 5 practitioner reviews of the book on Amazon. It’s available from Amazon, J. Ross Publishing, Supply Chain Management Review, and Barnes and Noble.

Sherry R. Gordon

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