Managing and Improving Supplier Performance in a Lean Environment

I am in Covington, Kentucky attending the AME International Lean Conference, Journey to Greatness. Attendance is excellent despite the economy and its adverse impact on other conferences this year.  This may be due to various lean journeys presented by practitioners and couldn’t be more relevant in a down economy.  AME (Association for Manufacturing Excellence) puts on a great lean conference, and this one seems to be continuing the trend.

I will be writing about some of the companies whose presentations and stories I’ve had a chance to hear. For example, today I attended session in which a huge retailer and a manufacturer recounted a story of their unparalleled collaboration together.

On Friday, October 23, I’ll be presenting a workshop, “Managing and Improving Supplier Performance in a Lean Environment”. AME allows people to go to the pre and post-conference workshops without signing up for the conference. The learning objectives for this interactive workshop include:

  • Align supplier performance expectations and criteria with the needs of your business
  • Develop a supplier evaluation process that fits your company
  • Create an understanding of what a lean supplier is in your company’s environment
  • Develop strategies for developing lean suppliers
  • Manage critical suppleir relationships to maximize value to your company
  • Get from strategy to evaluation to action to lean supplier development and performance improvement

This workshop can be delivered on-site, too.

If you are attending the conference, drop me a note at sgordon at valuechaingroup dot com.

Sherry Gordon

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