PODCAST: Measuring Supplier Performance

Listen as Sherry Gordon is interviewed about measuring supplier performance by Sandra Gauvin, Editor of Current Quality.
In this interview, you will learn:

  • Why you should measure supplier performance
  • How to figure out what to measure
  • Examples of commonly measured areas
  • Why you need to use leading indicators, not just lagging indicators (with examples)
  • Why supplier risk has become so critical and ways address it
  • How to segment your supply base in order to decide which suppliers to measure
  • Common sources and types of supplier information (e.g. scorecards, audits), along with the pros and cons

We’re sure that you’ll enjoy this informative and lively discussion. (This is a streaming audio and requires no download. Running time is 67 minutes).

Hear the Measuring Supplier Performance Podcast

Podcast: Supplier Management: Make it Strategic

Charles Dominick, President of Next Level Purchasing, a purchasing training and certification site that helps purchasing professional achieve rewarding careers, interviews Sherry Gordon in this podcast. Ms. Gordon discusses topics such as:

  • How to choose the right metrics for supplier scorecards
  • Examples of good and bad metrics and what should an organization do if the metrics they’d like to use aren’t readily available
  • Getting beyond paper supplier surveys and Excel: some of the newer ways that technology can make supplier performance measurement easier
  • Crossing the chasm between measuring performance and actually getting a supplier to improve
  • he importance of having a systematic way of following up on scorecard findings
  • Why it isn’t easy to reward suppliers with more business when they meet performance targets.
  • How to deal with the challenge of getting sole source suppliers to improve performance

Hear the Supplier Management: Make it Strategic Podcast