Representative Consulting Work

Examples of Value Chain Group’s Consulting Projects

1. Implementation of supplier  management strategies including: evaluation and performance management, SRM, business process development (with or without software solution)

2. Supplier day and voice of the customer planning and development

3. Lean supplier and supplier relationship management strategy and process for a multi-site manufacturer.

4. Lean and green supply chain strategy and planning

5. Continuous improvement and supplier development projects on behalf of customers who wanted suppliers to reduce cycle time, reduce costs and improve performance

6. Quality improvement project for company in the semiconductor industry who wished to meet rigorous customer quality requirements

7. Lean Six Sigma coaching for a internal teams of green belts with emphasis on improving focus of projects, ROI, and communication of ROI with management

8. Developed sub-tier supplier risk assessment and identification system.

9. Developed and led workshops in Lean, Supplier Performance Management and Supply Risk

10. Board member of the Institute for Supply Management’s Supply Chain Risk Management Group

11. Thought leadership: Private label white paper for software company, guest blog posts for a leading procurement blog site, magazine articles


Aerospace, Electronics, Semiconductors, Software, Transportation, Pharmaceuticals, Office Products, Industrial Products, Plastics, Machining and Electro-Mechanical Job Shops, Service, Government

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