Selecting the Right Suppliers: Challenges and Best Practices

Mark your calendar for Thursday, September 10, 2009, when I will be the speaker for the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management’s (IACCM) Ask the Expert call: “Selecting the Right Suppliers: Challenges and Best Practices“. 

Tim Cummins, President and CEO of IACCM, will host this discussion with me. The session will cover the following areas: How do you select suppliers? Does your company have a supplier segmentation and selection process? Or is the lack of a process causing your supply base to sprawl beyond control? Many supply bases reflect unplanned growth, with risks, performance problems and the unexpected lurking. When firms use a good segmentation and selection process, they can do a better job of choosing capable suppliers who fit with their firm’s goals and strategies and who can add value. And, companies can also reduce potential risks. This session will discuss best practices and challenges of supplier selection. It will also cover the process from the supplier point of view and discuss how suppliers can they get visibility with their customers and demonstrate their value.

The call begins at 16:00 British Time, 17:00 CET/SAST, 11 am Eastern US, 8 am Pacific US. To learn more and to register for this call, go here on the IACCM site.

Sherry R. Gordon

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