We have worked with companies to help them:

Plan and implement supplier evaluation and performance management processes, supplier relationship management (SRM) and development of supporting business processes

Develop strategies and plans to address critical, poorly-performing suppliers

Plan and implement supplier development and performance improvement programs

Apply technology solutions in supplier management

Identify and assess sub-tier supplier risk

Develop lean supplier and supplier relationship management strategies and processes

Plan and develop supplier days and “voice of the customer” initiatives

Learn more through training and education

Our services include consulting, implementation and education:

  • OPPORTUNITY ASSESSMENT to characterize, quantify and prioritize opportunities and their impact
  • SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT PROCESS design and development (e.g. processes such as supplier on-boarding, supplier segmentation & rationalization, ongoing supplier management, performance management, etc.)
  • BUSINESS PROCESS ASSESSMENT to review business processes and practices to identify opportunities for improvement and adoption of better practices where applicable and/or prior to business software implementation
  • LEAN ENTERPRISE IMPLEMENTATION including LEAN SUPPLY CHAIN for waste and cost reduction via coaching, training, use of lean tools, and change management. Develop & execute lean supply chain strategies. Working with suppliers to facilitate the adoption of lean processes and practices is a core competency.
  • SUPPLIER PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT and improvement includes supply base segmentation, metrics development, evaluation techniques, performance expectations, supplier scorecard and survey development, supplier risk assessment, supplier development, supplier rationalization.
  • SUPPLY CHAIN RISK MANAGEMENT (SCRM) design and develop organization, business processes and tools (technology and non-technology) to identify and manage risk.
  • EDUCATION programs support lean and supply excellence initiatives and ensure knowledge transfer and adoption (for more information, go to WORKSHOPS)


    • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT ADVISORY for software companies requiring in-depth understanding of the supplier performance management space, both in terms of target audience and software features and functions.
    • THOUGHT LEADERSHIP through development of white papers, articles and podcasts

  • WHITE PAPER development for services and software companies (for more specific information on white papers, please contact us)

  • BUSINESS PROCESS DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT for software-enabled implementations

  • SPEAKING on topics in supply management (supplier risk, supplier evaluation, supplier development) and enterprise performance improvement (lean extended enterprise, lean supply chain)

Our 4-step process ensures success, adoption and sustainment

A primary driver of success is our guided implementation approach to accomplish rapid, predictable and successful implementation.

  • Stage 1 – Capture the current state of your company and/or suppliers and identify opportunities, key metrics and appropriate techniques
  • Stage 2 – Develop strategy, goals & plan
  • Stage 3 – Work with stakeholder teams to develop, implement and operate in phased rollout
  • Stage 4 – Measure progress, monitor, and build on progress and improve

Our Core Values:

  • Put clients first
  • Value people
  • Provide thought leadership and innovation
  • Create sustainable and measurable results