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Customer, heal thyself

Customer, heal thyself. This phrase attributed to Aesop and applied to physicians can also apply to the customer side of the customer-supplier relationship.

To identify hidden cost drivers and waste, customers need to apply lean and operational excellence principles and …

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6 Reasons Supplier Ideas Can Be Science Fiction

Are your suppliers’ ideas just science fiction — ain’t never going to happen? Recently I wrote about ways to get your suppliers’ best ideas. Some firms actively solicit them.  Here’s the challenge: what do you do with supplier …

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Webinar – Meeting customer expectations: Tools for Supplier Process Improvement

Sherry Gordon, President of Value Chain Group, will be presenting a webinar, “Meeting Customer Expectations: Tools for Supplier Process Improvement“, on January 23, 2013 for members of RVCF (Retail Vendor Compliance Federation), an industry organization comprised of major …

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Six Sigma for MBAs

It was only a matter of time before the ever-popular Six Sigma would reach the college classroom. I was reading an article about how York College in Southeastern Pennsylvania has begun to offer a course in Six Sigma in its …

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Becoming Lean: Procurement Can Help

I was reading the recent blog post at the Spendmatters:   Beyond Shedding the Deadweight in Procurement and Operations. Instead of just cutting headcount, particularly in procurement, Jason Busch suggests other ways to approach cost reduction. Among the suggestions are: …

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