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Customer, heal thyself

Customer, heal thyself. This phrase attributed to Aesop and applied to physicians can also apply to the customer side of the customer-supplier relationship.

To identify hidden cost drivers and waste, customers need to apply lean and operational excellence principles and …

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Lean procurement: eliminate waste, but don't neglect to add value

What really is lean procurement? From some of the descriptions of lean procurement that I’ve seen, it seems to have morphed into something that is either myopically focused and/or totally unrecognizable as lean to me. Let’s start with myopically focused.  …

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NUMMI Suppliers Lose Their Customer: Can Lean Help Them Survive the Loss?

Looks like it’s really all over for NUMMI, the Toyota/GM joint auto manufacturing venture in Fremont, CA. Last summer, I wrote a post about the strong possibility of Toyota’s closing the plant (NUMMI: Things Are Looking Gloomy). The …

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A Supplier Development Advantage

I recently gave a workshop on supplier evaluation in a lean environment as part of the AME Lean Conference. Because the attendees of my workshop already had a working knowledge of lean principles and practices, they were quite different from …

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Managing and Improving Supplier Performance in a Lean Environment

I am in Covington, Kentucky attending the AME International Lean Conference, Journey to Greatness. Attendance is excellent despite the economy and its adverse impact on other conferences this year.  This may be due to various lean journeys presented by practitioners …

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In a Supply Chain Failure, a Bad Workman Blames His Tools

The latest victims of the economic downturn seem to be suppliers in the electronics supply chain. As reported in the May 18th WSJ article “Clarity is Missing Link in Supply Chain“, as business began to contract, Best Buy …

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Want to audit us? It'll cost you.

A colleague of mine, Sandra Gauvin, an expert in the quality field and writer of the Current Quality blog and newsletter, recently brought to my attention a new disturbing trend in supplier evaluation: suppliers who charge their customers to for …

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Making sourcing strategic through spend visibility

Attracted by the potentially high cost savings and the direct impact on the corporation’s bottom line, some firms plunge directly into strategic sourcing activities without first fully understanding their spend. While they will probably achieve cost reductions, these firms are …

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Becoming Lean: Procurement Can Help

I was reading the recent blog post at the Spendmatters:   Beyond Shedding the Deadweight in Procurement and Operations. Instead of just cutting headcount, particularly in procurement, Jason Busch suggests other ways to approach cost reduction. Among the suggestions are: …

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Segmenting the Supply Base for Lean

In a rush of enthusiasm about a lean supply chain, some firms expect that their suppliers will embrace lean with equal passion. Passion for lean can be contagious, but getting suppliers to adopt lean requires much more work than lean

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