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Turning Supply Risk Fears into a Marketing Strategy

The pace of product recalls and supply risk fears have been increasing. I get quality news updates, and in just one week here were some of the headlines: 

Volvo Recalls Sedans in China

Body Defect Leads Volkswagen to Recall Touaregs…

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Breathing Green Life into MEP

Last month, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and Phil Angelides, Chairman of Apollo Alliance, along with other business, labor and clean energy leaders introduced the “Investments for Manufacturing Progress and Clean Technology (IMPACT) Act of 2009,” a bill intended to …

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NUMMI: Things Are Looking Gloomy

In a recent post, “GM’s Failure: What Happened to Lean,”  I wrote about the origins of lean at GM and the NUMMI partnership with Toyota. Now, it seems that NUMMI is on Toyota’s chopping block and that Toyota …

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Why should we care about U.S. manufacturing any more?

As the loss of manufacturers and manufacturing jobs continues during the current recession, the debate continues about whether we should even care. The U.S. is now indisputably a service-based economy. And supporters argue that the erosion of manufacturing in the …

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It's the Customer, Stupid

I recently wrote a post for the Spend Matters blog, “12 Reasons Why Supplier Scorecards Fail” (updated, with one additional reason than my original post  on this site in December 2008). There were some insightful comments, including one …

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Supplier Selection: Tips for Small Businesses

I was recently interviewed by business columnist Jamie Herzlich over at Newsday for an article she recently wrote, “Small Business: Choosing the Right Supplier.” (May 14, 2009)  Many businesses are struggling with the challenge of how to choose …

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Want to audit us? It'll cost you.

A colleague of mine, Sandra Gauvin, an expert in the quality field and writer of the Current Quality blog and newsletter, recently brought to my attention a new disturbing trend in supplier evaluation: suppliers who charge their customers to for …

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If the shoe fits

In the pursuit of cheaper shoes, yet infinite variety, shoe companies and fashionistas seem to have gone awry. Recently I went to the “Shoe Mega-Store” at Marshalls to look for a pair of new business-y shoes.  There was certainly no …

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