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The 8 characteristics of exceptional suppliers

I’ve read a lot about the characteristics of good leaders and of good employees. But what about the other important stakeholders of the enterprise — suppliers. I was reading an article,  “Everybody comes to work wanting to do a

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Seven supplier management approaches that you wouldn't use on your children

There are parallels between parenting and management. Parenting can be good preparation for being a manager. Sometimes supplier management can feel like parenting.  But some managers make the same mistakes when managing suppliers that they do when parenting their children. …

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Supplier Price Increases – Get Creative (Part 1)

In my last post, 9 Ways to Fight a Supplier Price Increase, I listed approaches to handling a supplier price increase. These involved pushing back.  These days, commodity prices may be at the heart of increases. They can be …

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Managing Suppliers: Planet of the Masons

In an April post on Spend Matters, Spend Visibility — Use RFPs with Home Maintenance Contractors, Jason Busch advocated using an RFP to make sure that contractors are bidding the same job and to help make it easier to …

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