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SPM: Customer Firms Need to Be the Change They Wish to See

Improving supplier performance involves change management. And change isn’t just something only suppliers have to contend with. To put a successful supplier performance management process in place, most customer companies will need to undergo many changes, probably more than they …

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Supplier trouble: when the handwriting on the wall becomes legible

Supply chain risk is a major concern. An increasing array of new software solutions and offerings from consulting firms continue to become available to address supplier and supply chain risks. The large number of tweets on Twitter about supply chain …

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5 "aha" moments in supplier performance management

Sometimes it pays to state the obvious. Here are some insights into managing supplier relationships and supplier performance that you may have heard. Maybe you don’t even agree. But to me, they are essential to understanding how to improve supplier …

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When measuring supplier performance, it's how well, not how many

Recently I was asked about how many suppliers are typically monitored and measured, on average, using a supplier performance management (SPM) system or solution and whether there is a best practice. I have never come across a best practice in …

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Download a book chapter from Supplier Evaluation and Performance Excellence

Subscribers to the Value Chain Group site may now download Chapter 1 of Supplier Evaluation and Performance Excellence: A Guide to Meaningful Metrics and Successful Results. This download includes:

  • Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • About the Author
  • Chapter One 
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Quality measurement challenge: when a supplier's performance is tied to your review

Recently a supplier quality manager asked me about a dilemma he was having with the way his manufacturing facility was measuring in-process supplier quality. If they found defects in supplier parts during the manufacturing process, each defective item was tallied …

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Choosing good supplier performance metrics

I’ve discussed previously how supplier performance metrics work best when they are aligned with and support overall corporate goals and strategies and reasons why they can fail. But the challenge remains of how to tell whether you’ve come up …

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Supplier Performance Management: 5 Mistakes People Make Rationalizing SPM

Supply management, procurement and quality professionals are increasingly aware that they should be measuring their suppliers’ performance and working with important suppliers on performance improvement. In their enthusiasm for going forward with these initiatives, some people make some errors that …

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Getting Senior Management Support for SPM

Many people struggle with getting senior management support for supplier performance management initiatives. And, according to the editor-in-chief of Supply Chain Digest in his July 2nd editorial, many people don’t even know what senior management support means.  Most …

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Managing Supplier Relationships Vital to Supplier Performance

In a survey of  223 procurement, supply chain and supplier relationship management by the consultancy, State of Flux, almost two-thirds said that they did not have a definition of Supplier Relatinonship Management (SRM) in their companies.  The conclusion of …

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