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5 ways to tell your if supplier understands quality

Supplier risk isn’t just the supplier’s problem. It’s the customer’s problem. If customer companies don’t take action to mitigate the risk, it will invariably (and adversely) impact their customers. Result: loss of business and reputation. The top supplier performance expectations …

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Supply chain secrets: American sweat shops

Horrifying and upsetting, this article about the contract warehouses of online retailers, I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave is a compelling if not grisly read. Mother Jones reporter Mac McClelland goes undercover in a warehouse by applying for and getting

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Selecting the Right Suppliers: Challenges and Best Practices

Mark your calendar for Thursday, September 10, 2009, when I will be the speaker for the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management’s (IACCM) Ask the Expert call: “Selecting the Right Suppliers: Challenges and Best Practices“. …

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Another Supply Risk: Your Neighbor’s Yard Sale

If you ever thought that you could leave product recalls up to retailers and manufacturers, think again. That was risky enough. Now there’s a new risk, according to article today in the WSJ, that you need to worry about …

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What KPIs Should You Use to Measure Supplier Risk?

With supplier bankruptcies a daily occurrence, to say that the topic of supplier risk has become hot is an understatement. The challenge is what to do about it.  Someone recently asked me whether there are any KPIs you can use …

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New Podcast: Measuring Supplier Performance

Many people are looking for advice about how to create supplier scorecards specifically and how to measure supplier performance generally. 

Listen as Sherry Gordon is interviewed about measuring supplier performance by Sandra Gauvin, Editor of Current Quality newsletter.

In this …

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In a Supply Chain Failure, a Bad Workman Blames His Tools

The latest victims of the economic downturn seem to be suppliers in the electronics supply chain. As reported in the May 18th WSJ article “Clarity is Missing Link in Supply Chain“, as business began to contract, Best Buy …

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