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Topics for off-the-shelf and custom supplier management education programs for supply management and quality organizations include:

  • using software to scale the evaluation process
  • supplier evaluation basics
  • supplier evaluation for performance improvement
  • lean supplier management
  • supplier site visits
  • supplier development tools and techniques
  • introduction to lean for suppliers.

Offering: Supplier Evaluation and Performance Excellence (1 or 2-day workshop)

Supplier Evaluation and Performance Management - 2 day workshop held in Shanghai, China

Description: Do you know your suppliers’ performance today and whether your suppliers have the potential to support your ongoing and future requirements? Are you implementing improvements in your company and now realize that they cannot be fully successful without high-performing suppliers? Do you have the right suppliers? And are your suppliers willing and able to change and improve? Understanding supplier capabilities and performance is vital to ensuring a well-functioning supply network. Having suppliers that are in sync with your firm is important not just from a material flow perspective, but also from a relationship, cultural and leadership commitment viewpoint. This workshop will help you learn to develop and implement a supplier evaluation and development process to help you reduce costs, lower risk, and improve both the performance of your company and your suppliers – and reap the benefits of a well-performing supply chain. This is a highly interactive workshop that focuses on supplier performance management and supplier development. The workshop includes many case studies and exercises that give participants the knowledge and tools to develop and implement their own effective supplier evaluation and performance management program. Detailed information available upon request.

Offering: Understanding and Managing Supply Risk (1 or 2-day workshop)

Description: Supply disruptions, supplier failures, bankruptcies, and disasters are in the news on a daily basis. The global nature of business has necessitated that companies become aware of and find ways to address supply chain risk. While most executives express deep concerns about supply risk, many are still in the early stages of thinking about supply risk and are typically reactive rather than proactive in dealing with risk. This workshop focuses on understanding the many dimensions of supply risk, developing a process for managing risk, and applying risk management approaches and solutions. Participants will learn to:

  • Recognize best practices in supply risk management
  • Identify and understand important risks in the supply chain
  • Prioritize risks that their firms need to address
  • Involve key stakeholders in a risk management process
  • Develop risk avoidance, reduction, and mitigation strategies and plans
  • Use various tools and techniques for identifying, analyzing and addressing supply risk

The workshop facilitator uses numerous real-world examples and hands-on exercises, and provides many opportunities for participants to apply the materials to their companies and to share their own challenges and experiences with other delegates. Detailed information available upon request.

Offering: Evaluating and Improving Supplier Performance in a Lean Environment (1/2 to 1-day workshop)

Description: This interactive workshop will help your organization learn to develop and implement a supplier evaluation and development process in a Lean environment to help you reduce costs, lower risk and improve both the performance of your company and your suppliers, and reap the benefits of Lean in the supply chain. The workshop focuses on supplier performance management and development issues beyond just Lean assessment in a Lean environment. Included in the workshop are exercises, a short video on Lean supplier development and actual business examples.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Align supplier performance expectations and criteria with the needs of your business
  • Develop a supplier evaluation process that fits your company
  • Create an understanding of what a Lean supplier is in your company’s environment
  • Develop strategies and goals for creating Lean suppliers
  • Define an approach and overall business process for selecting and developing Lean suppliers
  • Manage critical supplier relationships to maximize value to your company
  • Get from strategy to evaluation to action — to Lean supplier development and performance improvement